The Easiest Way to Grow

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Learn the simple truths that show children how to hold onto their true essence and remain "pure at heart" in this inspirational message book plus 15 videos and 32 special read-along audios.

Dear Friends:

When we were born we were at the true source and pure at heart. We lived right here, right now, in the moment. We were innocent, not tainted from life or our memories.

With every passing birthday we acquired worries, fears, and insecurities. Then we began to form programs in the way of judgments and opinions. We became detached from who we were and began to lose our connection with nature and God's universe (the true source).

Are you who you are because
of what others taught you?

We learned it was not ok to be different, so we began to formulate who we were according to what others thought of us. Then opinions, judgments, expectations, became our beliefs; not only about ourselves but the world around us. As we lost who we were, we lost our innocence and then we lost our way.

As children we were open hearted, but very soon learned to close-up. Controlled by our programs, and by allowing others to determine who we are, set us on a course for certain unhappiness.

The book seeks to show children how to hold onto their true essence and to remain "pure at heart," so they never lose the joy and peace that is their birthright. Thus allowing them to be themselves, and in turn, become messengers of these ever present but often unseen and revolutionary simple truths.

Every child has unique talents,
natural gifts and perfect rhythm

Here I teach children to stay tuned to the natural frequency of their heart.  So they can appreciate who they really are, and find their talents, natural gifts, and perfect rhythm. They learn about finding their courage, following their passion, letting go of what is not them, trusting in their hearts, walking in faith and living everyday in gratitude.

I show them that God is always there shining his light upon them, to always put Him first, see others as He sees them, and then let go and let Him bring what is right and perfect.

It also teaches them about the power of the mind, such as: if you say you can, you can, if you say you can not, you can not, and how we create with our thoughts, and choose our destiny.

Imagine if your child knew how to transform challenges into opportunities

I give them the understanding and tools to see their problems can be one step-away from their freedom. And, if they just say "Thank you" to the problems and the bad energies around them, they will go away.

When we are okay with ourselves, accept 100% responsibility for our reality, and see everything and everybody as a blessing in our lives, then and only then, can we learn to let go and let God bring us what is perfect and right at exactly the precise time.

This book is based on the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho'oponopono. I have studied for twelve years with the master Ihaleakalá Hew Len, Ph.D. and am now considered a foremost authority of Ho'oponopono. The foundation of this art is simple; Let go and let God.  Who knows better than God what is right and perfect for us?

I have written this book for children ages 3 to 100. I have used simple messages for all little children, for the little children in the hearts of the big children out there, for the adults with little kids in their lives, and for the inner child that lives in our subconscious mind.

Children are the future, and my hope is that we can change the world by helping them retain their joy and inner peace for living, before time takes it away.

I wish all children peace beyond understanding.

Mabel Katz

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Children's book, The Easiest Way to Grow.

What People are Saying...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Mabel for allowing your Self to be a vehicle for bringing bring these two beautiful and inspiring new books to the world - The Easiest Way to Live and The Easiest Way to Grow. For me, one word describes both books - Perfect! Pure inspiration, not an extra word nor an unnecessary word. Although, I recommend reading both of these books over and over and taking notes as inspired, I also love to just open them at random and see what jumps off the page at me. Whether I am feeling good or not so good, it's always perfect, just what I needed. And I am uplifted. These are definitely books I will keep close at hand wherever I am and wherever I go. I highly recommend The Easiest Way to Live and The Easiest Way to Grow. Thank you Mabel for these two very special gifts to us and the world. Peace and Love,

~ Jimmy, USA

When we were children nobody gave us a book like this – there was no life guide available for us and therefore we were always asking the wrong questions. Today, with Mabel Katz's amazing book, The Easiest Way to Grow - Messages You Will Be Glad to Know, we can give our children a wonderful gift. Children have to be happy! They have to laugh, to sing, and to dance with the butterflies instead of shoulder the problems of their parents because they didn't have a live guide. Mabel Katz shows children the way of Love and Happiness. She puts her heart in every single word. You can feel it with your own heart.

~ Irene, Germany

I simply loved The Easiest Way to Grow! My inner child had fun while reading/listening to the wise words. How wonderful to offer the gift of Ho'oponopono teachings to our children. Thank you Mabel for another great inspiration!

I love you! Bendiciones!

~ Mara, Brazil

The just released book of Mabel Katz, The Easiest Way to Grow, is a generous spiritual invitation of a Master who walked a path of self-development. In her message to the younger generation Mabel Katz shares her vision and talent of creating an easy and happy life. The sooner this knowledge is used by young people in their lives, the more abundantly their future will unfold. Children will enjoy not only reading the book, but the illustrations, and especially Mabel's loving and nurturing voice in the audio CD that comes with the book. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to both adults and children, because Ho'oponopono has no age differences or any other boundaries. Ho'oponopono works for everyone! Peace Be With You!

~ Nata, Russia

The Easiest Way to Grow - this book to me, is about possibilities. Possibilities, as a grandpa of 5 grandchildren and one more grandchild on the way. Possibilities, of me reading the passages, from the book, answering my grandchildren's questions, and letting my grandchildren, know how truly wonderful they are, and what gift they are in my life. What a gift they are to the future, of all of us. Thank you, Mabel for doing what you do, and allowing inspriration to flow through you, where this gift of Divinity was created in the form of a book and CD. Where my grandchildren and other parents, children, and grandparents, get a chance to spend quality time, children and grandchildren and get the gift my grandparents gave me, of both the English and Spanish attributes, and perspective.

~ Daniel, Texas


Aloha everyone!
I received my copy of Mabel's "Easiest Way to Live & Easiest Way to Grow" books this week! The day it came, I was inspired to read a little of TEWTL before bed and place it under my pillow as I slept. I didn't sleep much that night, but when I got up the next morning I felt more rested than I have been in a very long time! Also, I have been receiving inner "knowings" about certain situations that the time is perfect to act. I had no expectations when I put the book under my pillow. The energies from the book are good for me right now.  My inner child is so very happy too. May she's reading it? I don't know. I don't need to know. Thank you, Thank you Peace of I

~ Gloria, USA

Mathew DixonFrom the moment my daughter Angelica could speak, my wife and I taught her the Ho’oponopono Mantra “Please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you.” Mabel’s book “The Easiest Way To Grow-Messages You Will Be Glad to Know”, was the most wonderful next step in learning about Spirit, and  explaining living a life using Ho’oponopono. The accompanying CD simplifies this wonderful message in a way that only Mabel Katz can do. I recommend it for all children. It has given my daughter a connection to the Divine, and the ability to learn through LOVE. Peace, love, and music,

~ Mathew, USA

This is the best book I have purchased for my kids, without sounding fanatic. I recommend it from my heart, because I think this is one of the greatest inspirations Mabel got. Since I bought it, I play the CD for them every night with the volume low when they go to bed. One night I forgot and my 8-year old son asked me to put "the voice of that woman that talks like you, as I sleep much better and have no nightmares". Besides sleeping better, my kinds have changed incredibly, they are radiant, independent, have progressed in different areas of their personal development and in school, etc. Definitely this book and the audio CD have done an invaluable cleaning. Many many thanks to all and everyone that had made it possible to reach our hands today. It's like a hand of help directly from Divinity to parents, children and any adult. In fact, we the adults need the messages on this book more than the children as they are wiser. Thank you!!

~ Marikena, Czech Republic

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